Working for the Benefit of the Client

The goal—the only goalis to improve the Client’s life. Therefore, how many hours it takes to develop a design is of little interest or meaning. What matters is the design. The more exceptional the design, the greater the improvement in the way the Client lives. This approach to design changes the Client/Designer dynamic to one of value delivered, rather than of hours incurred. Thus, Alexander Interiors does not charge an hourly rate for anything. Here’s what happens when you work with us.We work closely with you to conceptually agree on what needs to be done. Once that scope of the project has been established, then a project fee is determined. This project fee is based on the value you receive—not the number of hours worked. You know up front what your total investment in interior design services will be. All purchases through us are at the wholesale price (plus sales tax, shipping and handling). You save thousands of dollars on furniture and furnishings by not paying mark ups, and you save even more because the sales tax is computed on the wholesale price, not a marked-up price. The value to you is phenomenal. The improvement in your life is priceless. – Alexander Interiors, McLean,VA

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