"Kathy is a joy to work with, and she is a true professional in her field.  If she can work with my wife and I she can work with anyone!  Her understanding and depth of knowledge in design helped us turn a “large room” into a family gathering space (which we tried to accomplish for years on our own) that we now enjoy with our entire family!"
Everett Yore

"Kathy Alexander has an elegant classic sense of style and beauty that reach beyond herself and will transform your home into your dream space. Her experience and professionalism are expounded by her world travels and constant attention to the details of her surroundings. Her ability to listen is key to her interpretation of your needs.

I have worked with Kathy as part of her team to create wonderful interior spaces. Her knowledge and ability to work with the construction details of a project has earned her respect among the trades which is key to a successful project and happy clients."

Patty Whitman

"My husband and I needed to “pull together” the living room, dining room, and hall for our small Colonial home in Alexandria.  The contractor who remodeled our kitchen recommended Kathy.  We will always be grateful for his recommendation! Kathy is the model of professionalism, talent, knowledge, and above all, patience.  Kathy took the time to instruct and guide us (two people who had different ideas about style) to a focused vision of the look we wanted for these rooms.  She helped us pick out beautiful, quality pieces of furniture and coordinated the colors in these rooms perfectly.  The result is a lovely, usable downstairs that we look forward to coming home to every day.  Kathy was and is always available to answer questions, and we value our friendship with her.

Additional advantages of working with Kathy are her ability to educate clients about basic design principles; my husband and I are much better judges now of what works and doesn’t work in a room.  Also, Kathy has an outstanding network of resources for other home needs.  Kathy recommended a landscape designer who fashioned our hilly backyard into an oasis of beauty. Finally, Kathy’s newsletters are great sources for design tips with pictures of some of her projects.

My husband and I give Kathy the highest of recommendations and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Jan and Robert Schapler
"We had a great experience with Alexander Interiors. Kathy helped us with interior design for pretty much our whole house when we bought it, and later on helped us with an office and bathroom renovation. We love the spaces that she designed for us. Kathy is very good at getting to know her clients and their preferences and creating spaces in which they feel at home."
Amy Menge
"Kathy Alexander is the epitome of a professional interior designer. He attention to detail from start to finish along with staying within budget and meeting deadlines is to be commended. Kathy is amazing at color selection tying the entire project together and giving the project that special magic."
M. McCarty
"Kathy Alexander absolutely transformed my home! She was wonderful to work with and I came to trust her to make choices for me — she “got” what I liked and chose accordingly. I would recommend Kathy highly."
Melissa Mathis

"Kathy Alexander’s work is impeccable. We have worked with her on many outstanding interior design projects. She provides excellent guidance and coordination, working effectively with multiple contractors, professionals and craftspeople. Her designs use color, texture and scale to maximum effect and are never “trendy” or “faddish”.

She encourages associates to go the extra step and can turn failing projects into spectacular successes, on time and within budget.

A consummate professional who works daringly with her clients to give them the best. Beautiful and functional results, down to the finest detail!"

Jay Kleinfeldt
"Kathy consulted with us on the renovation of our kitchen and subsequent painting of adjoining rooms. Her recommendations were “spot on”. Most importantly, she asked many questions about our lifestyle, design choices, and color preferences. Her recommendations were a perfect fit for our home and personal tastes. I highly recommend using Alexander Interiors for your design needs."
M.K. Claus
"Kathy Alexander is a dedicated professional with a knack for creating functional and attractive spaces. I had the pleasure of collaborating on a project with Kathy which involved very detailed requirements for a home media room with a true movie theater feel. Kathy’s talents and hard work resulted in a distinctive space which provided the client the look and feel of a real movie theater and successfully integrated the space into the client’s home. I look forward to more projects with Kathy in the future — she is certainly a credit to her profession."
Dave Guy, Exceptional Home Designs

"Kathy provided an amazing service with my Feng Schui consultant. Her color choices really enhanced the total project and gave me a better and more peaceful feel throughout my space. It’s pretty obvious that she has acquired the highest level of skill for her work; a passion for sophisticated embellishments and just what I needed to have my guests say, “I want the name of your Colorist/Decorator”. Color, and shades of color, is everything because it infuses the room with vibrations that set the tone for all activity in my space. The room comes alive and feels good.

Kathy’s sense of style and visual acuity are unparalleled and she truly deserves the best recommendation. As a bonus she looked around and offered other great suggestions that made my place cozy and intimate, which is exactly what I wanted. She is a great choice!"

Georgia Goslee

"It has been a pleasure working with Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors for over twenty years. Kathy specializes in residential interior design and many of our carpets have been included in her projects.

Kathy is very detailed minded and always professional in the way she approaches her projects. She will have furniture floor plans prepared with the exact size carpet for which she is searching. This alone cuts down on the amount of time it takes to select the perfect carpet for each space. Additionally, she has a very good sense of color and pattern. She focuses on overall vision of the room, then she integrates our handmade Persian and Oriental rugs as a practical art for the floor into a space.

Kathy will often times bring clients into the shop to get their feedback on carpet styles. Her clients’ comments are always carefully considered and, when necessary, they are gently guided towards the carpets that have the look that had been previously established for their home and for the particular room. Each client leaves the shop excited about their selection. It is for that reason that it is with great pleasure that I recommend Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors for those discriminating clients who are looking for the best for their homes."

Jahangir Ghajar, Shayan Oriental Rugs

"I have known Kathy for many years as we have worked together on multiple custom home projects in the Washington DC metro area. Happily I give her the highest recommendations possible, as her interior design abilities are second to none and her professionalism and calm nature is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can, at times, often be filled with egos and people that are hard to deal with.

Kathy really takes the time to understand her clients prior to the start of construction and offers an approach that ensures that both form and function are met. Having worked with many area interior designers, many often implement their vision, thinking about the final photos rather than the space and needs of the client. This is certainly not the case with Kathy as she always puts her clients first.

Do not hesitate in considering Kathy Alexander for an interior design project."

Joseph Colao, Colao & Peter Landscape Architecture

"We have recently moved into our new home/business built by Van Metre Custom Homes. During the process, Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors worked closely with us as the creative liaison with the various vendors.

Kathy was extremely helpful throughout the process. She was good about keeping the look of the entire project as a whole in mind while we dealt with each individual vendor. She listened carefully to our needs and made both practical and creative suggestions while still being sensitive to let our own tastes and styles emerge.

Additionally, Kathy was extremely professional and organized. When we had questions or needed more information she always got back to us in a timely fashion.

In sum, we highly recommend Alexander Interiors to assist builders or for one-on-one consultations with individual homeowners."

Mark Fronk and Audrey Berg

"About a decade ago, our family lost our home and its contents to a fire. We met Kathy Alexander shortly after our home was rebuilt because, initially, we were in need of replacing our furniture. Ultimately, Kathy provided us with excellent choices of draperies, carpeting, lighting, paint, wall coverings as well as furniture. Over the past eight years, Kathy Alexander has proven herself to be a very talented designer by satisfying the needs and desires of each family member. Her problem-solving capabilities and professional conduct combined with her knowledge and creativity have given us an attractive, comfortable and functional environment in which we are proud to live.

In order to create an atmosphere that aided our ability to overcome the trauma of the fire, Kathy not only interviewed each family member to acquire a sense of each of our lifestyles including our color and furniture preferences, but she also inquired as to how each room would function. She prepared floor plans for each room and carefully selected everything from the furniture to all of the accessories. These selections have enabled us to move furniture from one room to another while maintaining a functional and beautiful environment that looks like everything belongs together. This has been especially useful since our family is very socially active and we frequently entertain.

After our home had been completed, we engaged Kathy Alexander to accomplish other projects such as outfitting two large decks, redesigning a room into a laundry/mini kitchen and redesigning a built-in entertainment center. We are now in the process of updating some of the original decorating. Our home continues to function with little disruption because of Kathy's planning, foresight and help.

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Kathy Alexander."

Victoria Chandler Seng

"Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors provided interior design services for Van Metre Custom Homes, Inc.

Her enthusiastic hard work, knowledge of new products and market trends supplied us with a valuable marketing and sales tool.

In addition, Kathy has been a tremendous help in ensuring that our customers accurately complete their selections in a timely manner. She has helped to virtually eliminate all inaccurate selections in a timely manner and reduce the time it takes to complete a house.

In the specialized field of Interior Design, we have found that she has a broad range of information that has been helpful to us. I strongly recommend Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors."

Layne Meyer, President of Van Metre Custom Homes, Inc.

"Throughout the past year I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Alexander, who is by far the finest interior designer I have worked with. And it is with greatest confidence that I can recommend her.

I had the opportunity to work with her from the initial phase of my home’s construction with Masterpiece Builders during which the builder looked to her for a solution on many occasions. Her energy and talents are limitless and she is delightful to be around."

Dana J. Snyder

"I have been working with Kathy Alexander in the course of our new home construction.

I have found my experience dealing with Kathy to be highly rewarding. She has made the difficult task of coordinating the interior of my new home one of the less stressful aspects of dealing with a builder. She has been and continues to be an invaluable resource.

I would highly recommend the services of Kathy Alexander to both builders and individual homeowners without hesitation."

Kathleen Whyard

"I have recently worked with Kathy Alexander in choosing the custom features of my new home built by Van Metre Custom Homes. Some of the exterior items I had to choose included type and color of brick, roof shingles, stucco, siding, and trim. Some of the interior items I had to choose included kitchen cabinets and countertops, bath cabinets and tile, hardwood floors, carpet, and fireplace marble. The number of choices was overwhelming, but Kathy made the process comfortable and enjoyable. She was knowledgeable about all of the products and the differences between quality, function, and price. This was an amazing achievement since Van Metre tended to change suppliers and products frequently. More importantly, Kathy has an expert design sense and was able to explain to me how to mix texture, color, and size/scale to achieve the effect I wanted. She had a talent for asking the right questions, helping me to define my own personal style. At no time did she try to impose her own taste on me. She was only interested in my satisfaction with the final design.

Kathy was also very organized and kept meticulous records and files. I could always call her if I did not remember the details of a particular design choice or if I decided to change my choices. She consistently had a record of not only my current preferences, but also any products I had considered previously and why those products had not been chosen.

After the initial flurry of activity associated with choosing the basics, Kathy and I began to work on more detailed room design. She designed a plan that placed my furniture in the rooms of the new house. She then helped me purchase the additional pieces that were the most critical to design success. These pieces included two oriental rugs, a foyer table, and several lamps. I relied heavily on her advice in purchasing these items. Kathy has a network of suppliers with whom she has developed long-term relationships. In every instance, I know I got good quality pieces at a reasonable price.

I plan to work with Kathy in the future when I choose window treatments, wallpaper, and new pieces of furniture. She is a talented professional that I would highly recommend to any future clients."

Margaret H. Graves

"While we were remodeling our home, my husband and I were introduced to Kathy Alexander through the Media Design Company we employed. Our home construction included developing a Home Movie Theater. Ms. Alexander’s work involved the interior design of the Home Theater and the additional basement area that was adjacent to the theater entrance.

The project took approximately six months and the development of her project design included, but not limited to: color selections, carpeting, mural, window treatments, fabrics, furniture, art, and lighting. She also extended her expertise in other areas of the home addition.

During the course of her work, Ms. Alexander was always very considerate of our individual tastes and style. She had an on-going commitment to keeping us informed of her design decisions and creative suggestions during the length of the entire project. Her confidence in making decisions demonstrated her experience, artistry, and organizational abilities. Our final design culminated into a unique and extraordinary media center and recreation room.

We have been very pleased with the professionalism of Kathy Alexander and would highly recommend Alexander Interiors for any design project."

Nita Pereira

"My husband and I used Alexander Interiors on two different projects. Our 2005/ 2006 lower level remodeling was very extensive. It was around 3000 square feet with a theatre, wine cellar, bathroom, bedroom and living room area. The rooms were all connected and we needed a plan on how to make the area flow. Kathy helped us define the space by preparing decorator blue prints and made it easy for us to look at construction and ultimately furniture layout. Kathy was the liaison between the builder, the sub contractors and us as the homeowner and followed the plans, organized, professional, and gave us lots of choices of ideas and fabric selections. It also helped to have that buffer between the contractor and us as homeowners, her eyes saw lots of things that we may not have noticed. The project turned out fabulous and we have had many hours of enjoyment in our lower level.

The second project we worked on was a beach house in Bethany that we purchased in March of 2007. Kathy helped me again define that space with her design blue prints and laid out all rooms for furniture. I took those plans down to Farmville, Virginia and purchased all the furniture I would need for the house and it was invaluable to have those plans with me when I was there. We would certainly work with Kathy again in the future and would highly recommend her."

Audrey and Bob McCarthy