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I was chatting with the owner of my drapery workroom, and he said “You are one of only a few designers who are not loading up people’s rooms with stuff”.  I asked him what he meant?  He went on to say because business is down that designers are cramming too much stuff into rooms in order to drive the cost up.  I asked him “At the cost of the design?”

When I worked in a furniture showroom while getting my design degree, I came across a situation where another designer had completely overloaded the customer’s living room just in an effort to sell more furniture. Consequently, the design and the customer suffered.

This is an example of the importance of choosing the right interior designer.  The right designer can actually save you from making mistakes.  Sometimes huge mistakes.  When you are interviewing interior designers, ask them whose interest do they have at heart. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

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