Current Trends in Interior Design

A Quick Look at the Trends Driving the Design of Today’s Homes and Offices

As a result of our global economy the “global” or “exotic” look is the theme for 2010 when updating the design for your home. It’s easy bringing in beautifully patterned pillows made of fabrics that harken back to destinations reached by the Orient Express. Bring in a Persian carpet to help ground the space and incorporate accessory items from your travels to ancient capitals and weave them into your design. Choose your accessories carefully and don’t overdo it. The over-decorated room is a thing of the past and a finely edited space whether your look is modern or traditional continues to be key.

Earth tones work well with the exotic look. Gold has returned in a big way with medium saturation of beiges with accents of tomato red or medium blue or green. The single accent wall in a room has returned. If you want a softer palette then think soft grays, all shades of purple, or any paler tone.

The mixing and matching of texture is important in the look of wood, metals or textiles. Remember, variety is important in varying the textures in a room. Fade and stain-resistant fabrics are not just sail cloth. They have come a long way with the addition of beautiful damasks, velvets, linens, etc. that have the look and feel of natural fibers but are actually synthetic. You can now have a fabulous looking family room without the worry of being able to maintain the look.

Luxury in the bathroom takes on the upscale look of a spa. Natural elements such as stone and wood are still desirable along with the trend of using gold tones in your faucets and fittings.

Another trend is adding wallpaper to the ceiling. Be careful and choose an all-over pattern that will be pleasing no matter where you are in the room. Another idea is a sky with clouds for an outdoor feeling.

For years I have layered a Persian carpet on top of broadloom to help define a conversation area. Intriguingly, along with the layering of several smaller, thinner carpets of a similar color palette, this has now become a trend.

Don’t fear the new trends in interior design. Embrace them as a way to add a new twist to your current look. You’ll be glad you did. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

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