Will the Real Interior Designer Please Stand Up?

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The third group and this is where you find true interior designers – and the distinction is significant.  While there are exceptions you will find that most interior designers have a formal education with a degree in interior design and it is that extra level of knowledge and education that allows them to approach every project in a much more holistic manner.  They don’t just see a building with rooms; they don’t just see fabrics, furniture and colors.  They see the entirety of the project starting with the clients desires and needs and progressing to what the space will or will not permit and how everything functions and flows.  By approaching each project in this manner, the client ends up with a much more inviting and embracing space that is truly his own.

This is the world I live in.  I am passionate about what I do and I would like to give you an example in how it manifests in a client’s project.  After interviewing the client and finding out their lifestyle, do they need a work space, how do they entertain, what colors do they like, etc. I mentally walk through their home while looking at the blue prints.

This is an area where I’m particularly good: finding the potential problems prior to construction.  The big advantage in being able to do this is the changes can be made on paper rather than out in the field.  You will save time and money by doing this.  If you think some of these computer graphics are pretty cool, you should see what I see in my mind  while walking through the blue prints.  I see the whole house and I see it in three dimensions.  It allows me to find potential problems prior to construction.  While I  do have an innate talent for this business, I cannot do nearly as capable a job if I did not have the education as a foundation within which to allow that capability to flourish.

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