Not all Interior Designers are Created Equal – Decorettes vs. Decorators

Interior Design by Kathy Alexander, Alexander Interiors, LLC.

Not all interior designers are created equal.  There is much confusion about the role of an interior designer.  In fact, any one of you could hang a shingle out this afternoon and call yourself an interior designer, and you would be an interior designer.  While that may seem silly it is exactly what happens in this industry.  Therefore, we end up with many different skill levels and levels of capability within the industry. 

At the low end we have what the professionals call decorettes.  People in this group rarely have any education in the field.  They may have some talent but because they don’t know what to do with it, it is often misused.  Then there is a large group of people in the middle who are in fact interior decorators.  They usually know pretty much what they are doing and they can handle most of the basics although they still operate from a position of being purveyors of fabrics, furniture, paints and floor coverings.  Usually each room is treated individually and often they work strictly from their own preferences rather than from those of the clients.  

In this group you will even find people with a Masters in interior design.  Their Bachelors degree can be in business, ceramics, or marketing.  But without that Bachelors degree in interior design they have missed gaining the underpinnings of the basic principles and elements of design, along with the reasons why certain things are best done in certain ways.

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