Updating Your Look – Lighting
Updating Your Look – Lighting by Kathy Alexander / with 0 comments

When you want to update the look of a room, see what looks out of place.  Do you have a left-over lamp dating back to the 1960's with the huge barrel shade that is taller than anything else in the room?  Yes, barrel shades are back in style, but like fashion, there is always a twist to the original design giving a fresher look.  If the lamp base is a classic design, then get a shorter harp and a new shade - you will have a new look!  What about replacing that inexpensive floor lamp purchased prior to having end tables and used strictly for lighting? Removing the offending eyesore can have a huge calming affect on the entire room, and thus a calming affect on the family. - Alexander Interiors, McLean, VirginiaView Lighting Treatments in Gallery >


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