Dining Rooms That Work – Finding Balance
Dining Rooms That Work – Finding Balance by Kathy Alexander / with 0 comments

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Don’t be afraid to experiment, but do it on paper (or computer) first. Lay out the dimensions of your dining room and be precise in your measurements. Make several copies of the basic room dimensions. Then experiment. Either draw the various elements into the plan, or use cutouts to assist in trying different arrangements of furniture.

No professional would proceed without a plan. You shouldn’t either. The right table size, the perfect comfortable chairs, lighting that enhances, a beautiful carpet, some favorite candles and fresh flowers on the table; what could be better. Bring on the family, food and fun. Your special dining room will be uniquely your own. Enjoy the fruits of your planning and selections, and have a special time with those you love. - Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA


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