More Kitchen Practicalities

I have seen kitchen plans in new homes where the homeowner was required to walk around a huge island to get from the cooktop to the refrigerator.  That does not make sense because you will end up walking far more and accomplishing less.  More importantly, you don’t want your sink too far from your cooktop.  When it comes to draining the big pot of pasta you want a sink nearby. Try not to put obstacles, such as a dishwasher or trash cabinet, between your cooktop and your sink. More time is spent at the sink than anywhere else in the kitchen, so I like to position the sink in front of a window, if possible. You will welcome the distraction of being able to see outside. Also, the large sinks are very popular, but make sure it is deep enough to handle the extra large pots without you getting splashed in the process.  Ideally, you have your cooktop, sink, and refrigerator within direct, easy steps of each other.  In larger kitchens, it makes sense to have a second sink.  I always recommend that the second sink be large enough where someone could actually do work.  A tiny bar sink is good for little more than getting a glass of water. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, Virginia


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