Be Practical When Considering Your Appliances

I recommend that you select your appliances very early in the process of planning your kitchen.  Be practical keeping your lifestyle in mind and also the amount of space that is available along with your needs.  I met a couple with a large family who had their custom home under construction.  As I walked into the kitchen, the wife was telling me about the very large refrigerator and separate very large freezer, along with the enormous range.  I looked around and asked where she was going to put her everyday dishes because she was quickly running out of space for cabinetry.  She thought the dishes might go in the family room!  In this case, having the latest and greatest of commercial appliances was getting in the way of a functional kitchen. Sometimes having a separate beverage refrigerator makes more sense or refrigerator drawers rather than trying to accommodate everything in one unit. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, Virginia


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