Interior Designers are Too Expensive!
Interior Designers are Too Expensive! by Kathy Alexander / with 12 comments


Interior Design by Alexander Interiors, LLC in McLean, Virginia

Transitional Living Room

We certainly can be when not given a budget.  The budget gives me the parameters of what level of furniture and furnishings the client can afford.  You can spend $500 or $2500 or more for an end table.  Rather than shopping at discount furniture stores, I encourage people who are on a limited budget to establish your floor plan first, and then buy the furniture in stages as the funds allow.  That way you are buying quality pieces that will last for many years and sometimes even a lifetime rather than buying disposable furniture.

To put it in another perspective, think of how much you spend on a car in relation to how much you spend on your furniture and the length of time you will have each.

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