Include a Drop Zone for your Custom Home

A recent addition to the new home is a drop zone.  A drop zone is an efficient way of dealing with clutter coming into the home.  New homes have a room as a dedicated drop zone, which may encompass the mud room.  Within the drop zone is a counter for recharging iPhones and iPads.  There may also be small cubbies for handling mail for the family including a recycling bin for unwanted paper.  Cubbies are customized for each child to have his or her own space for their sporting equipment, backpacks for school, caps, and gloves.  Whether you have hooks or actual lockers, drawers or cubbies, it’s a great place to have what you need the next morning waiting for you as you go out the door.  Be sure to include a bench under the cubbies or coat hooks so the kids can sit while pulling their boots on or off.  A large closet for those extra winter coats and boots is both functional and convenient.

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