2012 Custom Home Considerations

Interior Design by Alexander Interiors, LLC in McLean, Virginia

So, you’re building your new home.  What an exciting prospect!  You’ve spent years dreaming of what your perfect home will look like.  You’ve spent hours clipping pictures out of magazines of the kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture that will adorn your home.  But, does what you have envisioned make sense?

We live in different times.  It doesn’t matter in what economic stratum you live.  People look for value and at the same time have their needs addressed.  The 2-story family room may be showy and will impress the neighbors, but would those astronomical utility bills fit into your budget since the family spends the bulk of its time in the one room that is difficult to cool in the summer and to warm in the winter?  You can decrease the footprint of your home by utilizing the space above what would have been a 2-story family room.  Also, today formal living and dining rooms are used so infrequently they have become a thing of the past.

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McLean, VA

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