Friendly Fabrics for Families and Pets – Sunbrella
Friendly Fabrics for Families and Pets – Sunbrella by Kathy Alexander / with 201 comments

Fifty years ago our grandparents were introduced to a virtually indestructible fabric for their sofas.  It was called Olefin which was produced in drab looking plaids and stripes and had the feeling of woven plastic.  My grandmother called it serviceable.

Since then, fabrics have greatly improved, now being able to withstand the penetrating rays of the sun, being very stain resistant and holding up well under the beating a family room sofa may have to endure.  Since 1961, Sunbrella is probably the most recognizable among this type of fabrics.  Sunbrella first produced fabrics for awnings, then marine materials as well as outdoor umbrellas, and later moving into fabrics for outdoor and later indoor furniture.

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