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Bedroom, Interior Design by Alexander Interiors


Are you ready to change what was popular fifteen or twenty years ago for a more updated, fresher look? I’m not suggesting that you throw everything out.  On the contrary.  We must be responsible stewards of our earth and we must always try to use what we have. Design is less fussy than it had been in the past.  Cleaner lines have been the order of the day with less clutter.  I’m not talking about contemporary or modern furniture, but I am talking about furniture and accessories handled in a contemporary way wherein everything is carefully chosen for the room, rather than overdecorated.

Before you do anything, have a plan.  Before you do anything, have a plan.  I cannot stress this enough.  When you do things willy nilly, that is exactly how it will turn out – willy nilly.  Analyze what you have and determine your plan of attack. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

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