Updating a Florida Condominium

Recently, a client and I flew to Florida to update a condominium overlooking the ocean that originally was professionally decorated in the 1970’s.  I smiled as I entered the space and commented to the client that this style is back in Vogue.  The wallcoverings were graphic, foil prints, the tables and lamps in the living room were all glass or lucite.  The entire condo was decorated in shades of white, beige and brown.

The foyer is getting a custom area rug, a new mirror and lighting, and a dramatic wallcovering that will extend into the living/dining areas.  We are swapping out the wallcovering in the kitchen to a new graphic foil.  We are replacing window treatments to sun shades and draperies to address the heat and sun issues.  We are swapping out a pair of chairs for the living room to something slightly larger for a better scale in the room and larger toss pillows on the sofa to introduce color.  The guest room is an update and a redo and the master bedroom we are simply recovering a chair and bench and adding lighting.  The bathrooms will lose their wallcoverings and get a faux finish instead.

It’s amazing how relevant most of the furniture is throughout the condo.  When you choose carefully and buy quality furniture, it can last a lifetime.  – Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

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