Too Many Accessories Spoils the Look

Too many accessories used willy nilly for the purpose of just filling in space is a big mistake.  I had met with a woman to do some consultation who was trying to achieve a designer look.  She had brought so much stuff into the room and wondered why it didn’t look right.  She had done the same thing to her walls.  If there was a tiny bit of a wall showing, she made sure she had something on it.  I had her remove more than half of the art and accessories out of the room. I rearranged the items that were there and it was a huge improvement.  She could have opened her own decorating shop with the amount of inventory she already had.  – Alexander Interiors, Northern Virginia



 A Master Bedroom with an appropriate amount of accessories.  Interior design and cabinetry design by Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

Bedroom, Interior Design by Alexander Interiors

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