The Complexity of the Spirit in Design

To speak of the complexity: When people think about designing or decorating their home, they usually concern themselves with furniture and fixtures, fabrics and treatments, color and physical dimensions. Of course all of those elements are important. But there is so much more. Certainly, by paying attention to the physical elements everything is pulled together, and a cohesive, functional space is created. But, will you have the space that not only speaks to you, but in fact is you? Does it reflect not just your tastes, but also your inner self? Your essence? Dare I ask, “Your soul?”

I know; that’s a little heavy, and more than just a bit within the realm of woo-woo. But it is a realm upon which I rely for every project—large or small. It is the special element that I bring to the project. If you desire, call it an X-Factor. That unknown something that turns marvelous into spectacular. Transforms great into exquisite. Transcends perfect to find magic.

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