Talking About Trends: Shifting Into the 21st Century

Recognizing a shift in interior design ensures that your efforts today will still feel “new” a decade from now. Trends keep things lively, but shifts keep things in perspective. Observe the trends, but follow the shifts.

Today, a new shift is emerging, and we have a combination of both the older traditional look and the newer pared down art deco look.  I’m seeing the traditional furniture forms again, but the rooms themselves are still pared down and actually minimalist looking, yet with more texture. There is a broader use of white or color for walls and furnishings and pattern on fabrics. Espresso stains are gone and a more natural look is in.  Accessories and wall art are carefully chosen and not used in abundance. 

You can move into a design shift all at once or a little bit at a time over several years. As always with any interior design project, create a plan before you do anything. To follow a trend, make a plan. To evolve with a design shift, make a plan.

To be fashionable, we would not wear mini skirts if the latest fashion (i.e., trend) were for hem lengths to be below the knee.  The same can be applied to our homes.  Be more mindful of the shifts and less of the trends. – Alexander Interiors, McLean, VA

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