Spotlight: Alexander Interiors

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Spotlight: Alexander Interiors by Kathy Alexander / with 193 comments

Originally appeared in DC Metropolitan Design Resource

For the past decade, Kathy Alexander’s exquisite designs have created enduring, luxurious, delightful spaces. Along the way, those she has assisted have become loyal clients, and many are now lifelong friends. It is Kathy’s abilities—to listen to her clients, determine their needs and design a space especially for them—that creates the elegant homes that far surpass the imagination. Known for her collaborative approach to interior design, her clients benefit greatly from her knowledge of the entire design process. Whether she works with her clients from blueprints to move-in day, or simply guides them through a simple room update, Kathy makes sure every design need and desire is fulfilled. She not only melds her sophisticated design sense with the client’s hopes and dreams, her dedicated and disciplined follow-up ensures that all elements of the project come together as intended. When engaged in new home construction, Kathy can glance at a set of blueprints and point out any interior design flaws. She suggests practical solutions to create the right environment for the homeowner, like finding the perfect location for the fireplace, designing the built-ins from scratch, and even scribing the exact placement of the electrical outlets. She then helps clients refine every detail of the home: from the initial interior and exterior finish selections, to the choice of cabinetry and crown moulding, to the placement of the very last, must-have accessory. While Kathy works with many clients before, during and after a new home’s construction, for others she may simply provide a new look to an existing space: transforming an entire house into a home or restyling once average areas into personal sanctuaries. Whatever the project, whatever its size, Kathy Alexander revels in helping individuals realize their interior design dreams. After all, what better place to reflect the unique personality of each individual than the home—their haven—within which everyone experiences their most intimate moments?


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