Save Thousands by Hiring an Interior Designer


The builder hands you a schedule with the dates when the selections making up the finishes and other parts of your custom home are required.  Yikes!  You didn’t realize the list would be so long.  As you scan the list, you see that the paint colors for the entire home are needed when? Why would they possibly need the paint colors so soon!  You thought this would be fun.  Now reality sets in.

A logical move would be to hire an interior designer to help with all the decisions and coordination that need to be made.  The best time to hire an interior designer is prior to groundbreaking and before construction begins.  Once you get the drawings, it’s a good idea to let an interior designer whose specialty is new home construction look at the plans to make sure the furniture layouts make sense with the design of the home.  Making changes on paper is infinitely easier, more productive, and less expensive than making changes in the field and having the project be delayed and the costs escalate.

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