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Tudor Place, photo by Kathy Alexander
Tudor Place gardens, Washington D.C.

At Tudor Place we were especially surprised to discover a 1919 Pierce-Arrow roadster which had been custom-built for Armistead Peter III.  The car was restored to running condition and Peter last drove it in 1977. Peter commented that the car drove more like a truck than a car because it was so heavily built.
Being an interior designer, my primary interest was Tudor Place’s fine furniture and furnishings.  The living room used by the family was artfully decorated melding contemporary with period furnishings.  I asked my friend what he thought of the tour.  He was greatly impressed, especially by the fact that the home had luxuriously served six generations.  We noted that some rooms had remained intact from the original owners, while others had been modified with modern conveniences. My friend said he found the Tudor Place gardens serene, peaceful, places for quiet contemplation.  Also, I think the Pierce Arrow was a particular highlight for him. I know it was for me.

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