Jazz Up Your Powder Room

I’ve seen a lot of boring powder rooms in my day:  builder white walls, white fixtures, not a picture or a rug in sight.  I like people to be pleasantly surprised when they open a powder room door.  You can achieve this by a shock of color or by your choice of wallcovering.

While at the design center recently I came upon a wallcovering and thought “Now, how cool is that?”  It was a wall of Komodo dragons.  They were jewel encrusted and looked very three-dimensional.  What surprised me as I walked up to touch the wallcovering that it was perfectly flat.  It was a holographic foil.  My next thought was it would be great in a powder room.  It comes in several colors:  red, black, green, silver, gray, and gold.  Pair it with a beautifully framed and matted picture of a jungle scene where the dragon might live.  Paint the ceiling, inside of the door and trim the same background color.  Add a Persian designed rug.

When a guest opens the door to your powder room give them a surprise:  a trip to the Holodeck!

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