Creating a Beautiful Bedroom – Organize your Closet

2.  Organize the Closet:  Extend your decluttering into the closet. After you have eliminated those items you no longer wear, have your closet organized for you. If you were good at this, it would already be organized, so seriously consider bringing in an expert.

You will be surprised how a closet company can reorganize the available space so you can actually find things. It’s very liberating to get rid of things. It’s very gratifying to be able to always find things.

When in the heat of the moment it’s okay, even preferable, to let the clothes fly and fall where they may. But, when sanity returns, make sure everything gets put back where it belongs. It may be hard to think of Ben Franklin in this environment, but he did have some good advice for keeping things clean and neat: “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”

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