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As another Valentines Day recedes into the past, it’s reminder of sweethearts and romance still lingers. Soon we will be back to our old, boring ways. This is when many couples slide right back into a state of putting themselves and their needs last while the frenzy of every day life swirls around them. Before you allow yourself to fall back into that regimen, take a moment or two or ten to consider extending the romance of Valentines Day by planning out a bedroom makeover to make the room a place where you can instantly unwind, find solace during the day as well as the night, and even move you and your special someone to a little canoodling along the way.

Let’s face it. When you have children, especially little ones, your needs seem to always drop to the bottom of the family priority list. This even extends to the bedrooms. Often the children’s rooms are decorated before Mom and Dad’s. Well, now it’s time to think about yourself and your partner. Now it’s time to do something special by transforming the master bedroom into your own personal oasis. Make that an oasis for two. A place where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect.

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