Before You Begin – Who Are You?


Foyer, Interior Design by Alexander Interiors LLC

Before you begin a design or decorating project, there are some points you should consider. 

Who are you and who will be living in the home?  Sure, you know who you are but let’s have a reality check.  Have you always simply loved the photos in magazines where all the upholstery was pure white and the room was filled with glass and mirror?   That is an elegant look. But, if you have little children in the home, it will be no time before orange drink stains streak your sofa and little fingerprints cover the glass tables and mirrored chests.  Do you have children and pets?  Then add muddy paw prints and hair on everything.  Or, is there the possibility that Mom or Dad will be moving in with you soon?  Or, maybe you are not that far away from being the elderly person living in the home.  For these and other similar reasons the white and mirrored living room may not make sense to you right now. Neither would a multi-level townhouse.

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