Beautiful Wool

Custom wool carpet in golf clubhouse

I love wool.  I have used wool products throughout my interior design career mostly in the form of carpets and fabrics.  Wool has characteristics that I find highly desirable in that it absorbs color very well and has a beautiful hand.  Some characteristics you may not have known are:

  • improves air quality
  • flame retardant
  • moisture buffer

I attended a continuing education class on wool and heard a very interesting story.  There were a couple of office buildings in Europe whose indoor air quality was so bad that it had been suggested that the buildings be torn down.  Someone had suggested to the owner to try wool batting as insulation because of wool’s ability to improve air quality.  The wool absorbed the offending chemicals and the buildings were saved.

Wool makes beautiful draperies and it’s the first fiber I think of when I’m working with a single man. Men’s suits are usually made of wool and wool drapes beautifully and can give you a very tailored, masculine look.  It’s a good choice for a man’s bedroom or office.  I have also used wool draperies and upholstery in living and family rooms.

I will continue to specify wool products in people’s homes.  It’s beautiful, it’s functional, and has many desirable environmental properties.

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