Applying Color to Your Home

 Family Room, Interior Design by Alexander Interiors LLCHere we have an example of warm and cool colors.When it comes to applying color to your home and you want a harmonious look, then stick to all warm colors or all cool colors.  By limiting your palette to either all warm or all cool colors you create a relaxing atmosphere for your brain.  On the other hand, if you combine warm colors with cool colors, you are create a more active environment for your brain.  there is no right or wrong here.  You may want your family room to be a place to relax – use a harmonious scheme (all warm or all cool colors.  For a child’s play room you may want to have a combination of warm and cool colors to stimulate your child’s brain.  Color is very individual.  It is very important to let your child have a say in what color they want for their bedroom.  Using warm colors for a child who prefers cool colors, the child will never feel comfortable in his or her space.  The same is true in reverse.  It is very important to consider each family member when selecting color.

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