Victoria Chandler Seng
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About a decade ago, our family lost our home and its contents to a fire. We met Kathy Alexander shortly after our home was rebuilt because, initially, we were in need of replacing our furniture. Ultimately, Kathy provided us with excellent choices of draperies, carpeting, lighting, paint, wall coverings as well as furniture. Over the past eight years, Kathy Alexander has proven herself to be a very talented designer by satisfying the needs and desires of each family member. Her problem-solving capabilities and professional conduct combined with her knowledge and creativity have given us an attractive, comfortable and functional environment in which we are proud to live.

In order to create an atmosphere that aided our ability to overcome the trauma of the fire, Kathy not only interviewed each family member to acquire a sense of each of our lifestyles including our color and furniture preferences, but she also inquired as to how each room would function. She prepared floor plans for each room and carefully selected everything from the furniture to all of the accessories. These selections have enabled us to move furniture from one room to another while maintaining a functional and beautiful environment that looks like everything belongs together. This has been especially useful since our family is very socially active and we frequently entertain.

After our home had been completed, we engaged Kathy Alexander to accomplish other projects such as outfitting two large decks, redesigning a room into a laundry/mini kitchen and redesigning a built-in entertainment center. We are now in the process of updating some of the original decorating. Our home continues to function with little disruption because of Kathy's planning, foresight and help.

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Kathy Alexander.