Mary & Tom
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Tom and I wanted to write and thank you for helping us build our house. What a job you had! First off, Tom and I could not even articulate what style of furnishings we wanted. Secondly, the home was 15,000 square feet, and all we could say was please make it comfortable and cozy.

You are so organized, and when I think back to how you began working with us, your method was just as organized. Your first attention was to the floor plans. You had a great eye for making adjustments that helped the flow work better. We were especially pleased that you noted the support column in the middle of the basement rec room. We were able to work with the architect and get that changed early on. Then you designed the island cabinets that incorporated the other two support columns into a wonderful look that divides the kitchenette area from the larger “play” area. It works great for entertaining, and our guests usually end up gathered around that area, whether they are playing pool or just watching TV.

You interacted wonderfully with the builder. That was important to us, because in a sense you represented Tom and I, and we appreciated your professionalism toward the other members of the “team”.

Tom and I still marvel at your approach to getting us to realize what we liked, what colors pleased us, and finally to help us embark on a plan. When we started this house, Tom and I had only been married three years. We didn’t want to fight over selections, colors, and furniture. You were charming and efficient at putting our thoughts together and coming up with a plan.

Building this house was an overwhelming experience. There were hundreds of details to decide on. Tom and I didn’t always have the patience or the time. Kathy you were so diligent about everything. You kept us on task. You organized all the selections for us. You helped us stay on track with our original ideas. I know there were times we strayed and started off in the wrong direction, but you gently lead us back to where we needed to be and now we have a beautiful home.

When guests come to visit, the first thing they remark on is how comfortable and cozy our home is. Thank you, Kathy, that’s what you did for us.