Margaret H. Graves
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I have recently worked with Kathy Alexander in choosing the custom features of my new home built by Van Metre Custom Homes.  Some of the exterior items I had to choose included type and color of brick, roof shingles, stucco, siding, and trim.  Some of the interior items I had to choose included kitchen cabinets and countertops, bath cabinets and tile, hardwood floors, carpet, and fireplace marble.  The number of choices was overwhelming, but Kathy made the process comfortable and enjoyable.  She was knowledgeable about all of the products and the differences between quality, function, and price.  This was an amazing achievement since Van Metre tended to change suppliers and products frequently.  More importantly, Kathy has an expert design sense and was able to explain to me how to mix texture, color, and size/scale to achieve the effect I wanted.  She had a talent for asking the right questions, helping me to define my own personal style.  At no time did she try to impose her own taste on me.  She was only interested in my satisfaction with the final design.

Kathy was also very organized and kept meticulous records and files.  I could always call her if I did not remember the details of a particular design choice or if I decided to change my choices.  She consistently had a record of not only my current preferences, but also any products I had considered previously and why those products had not been chosen.

After the initial flurry of activity associated with choosing the basics, Kathy and I began to work on more detailed room design.  She designed a plan that placed my furniture in the rooms of the new house.  She then helped me purchase the additional pieces that were the most critical to design success.  These pieces included two oriental rugs, a foyer table, and several lamps.  I relied heavily on her advice in purchasing these items.  Kathy has a network of suppliers with whom she has developed long-term relationships.  In every instance, I know I got good quality pieces at a reasonable price.

I plan to work with Kathy in the future when I choose window treatments, wallpaper, and new pieces of furniture.  She is a talented professional that I would highly recommend to any future clients.