Jahangir Ghajar, Shayan Oriental Rugs
Jahangir Ghajar, Shayan Oriental Rugs by m-con / with 0 comments

It has been a pleasure working with Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors for over twenty years.  Kathy specializes in residential interior design and many of our carpets have been included in her projects.

Kathy is very detailed minded and always professional in the way she approaches her projects.  She will have furniture floor plans prepared with the exact size carpet for which she is searching.  This alone cuts down on the amount of time it takes to select the perfect carpet for each space. Additionally, she has a very good sense of color and pattern.  She focuses on overall vision of the room, then she integrates our handmade Persian and Oriental rugs as a practical art for the floor into a space.

Kathy will often times bring clients into the shop to get their feedback on carpet styles.  Her clients’ comments are always carefully considered and, when necessary, they are gently guided towards the carpets that have the look that had been previously established for their home and for the particular room.  Each client leaves the shop excited about their selection.  It is for that reason that it is with great pleasure that I recommend Kathy Alexander of Alexander Interiors for those discriminating clients who are looking for the best for their homes.