Georgia Goslee
Georgia Goslee by m-con / with 0 comments

Kathy provided an amazing service with my Feng Schui consultant.  Her color choices really enhanced the total project and gave me a better and more peaceful feel throughout my space.  It’s pretty obvious that she has acquired the highest level of skill for her work; a passion for sophisticated embellishments and just what I needed to have my guests say, “I want the name of your Colorist/Decorator”.  Color, and shades of color, is everything because it infuses the room with vibrations that set the tone for all activity in my space.  The room comes alive and feels good.

Kathy’s sense of style and visual acuity are unparalleled and she truly deserves the best recommendation.  As a bonus she looked around and offered other great suggestions that made my place cozy and intimate, which is exactly what I wanted.  She is a great choice!