Erin Snyder
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I have known Kathy for over 19 years.  She became my Interior Designer in 1996.  It is funny how we met but more importantly, our meeting serves as a testimonial to Kathy’s integrity and professionalism.  She had offered an hour or two of complimentary consulting to a friend of mine who then worked for an upscale new custom home builder.  At the time, the young man asked Kathy if he could give the hours to me.  Kathy graciously honored the transfer.  Over the next few years she transformed my home into a showplace.  Later when I married and started a family, we outgrew the home and put it on the market.  Thanks to Kathy, the home showed beautifully.  We had a showing the first day and the prospect not only wrote us an offer but soon after purchased the home at full asking price.  I immediately hired Kathy to visit our new home for a consult before we even moved in.  She helped us create another masterpiece which less than two years later, when we transferred west, sold for $250,000 more than we paid.  Again, Kathy’s talent played a large role in that success story.

One of Kathy’s many strengths is that she can and will adapt to your style. She will not impose her taste on you.  She identifies what you like and then begins creating.  She is methodical yet artistic.  She always starts with a floor plan.  There were times when I simply wanted a piece or two and didn’t want a floor plan.  It was too much to think about, too much work.   I wanted my piece and I wanted it then.  However, imagine trying to start a business without a business plan.  Business plans take a significant amount of time, thought and energy; however, they are necessary.  Kathy’s floor plans always worked because when I was ready to move beyond the basics we had the template and were ready to move forward.  We built on the framework from which we started.

I am ever grateful for Kathy’s design wisdom and the fact that she shares it.  Kathy taught me as we worked.  One of the many benefits is that when we entered our third project, I understood things; I understood scale, I knew that you always begin designing your space by selecting your rug first, that lighting is one of the most important elements in a room and so much more.  Kathy has always made designing our homes fun!

Moreover, the products, our three homes, have all been magnificent! The furniture, window treatments and accessories have all been quality and timeless, therefore we still have the same pieces.  In addition, they have transferred from home to home and room to room.  They have conveyed from a townhome in Northern Virginia to an all brick colonial in the HIstoric District of Leesburg, Virginia to a stone and stucco European style home in the resort town of Whitefish, Montana.  Kathy has delivered quality, timelessness, conveyance and beauty!

Finally, I enjoy Kathy as a person.  She has become a dear friend of mine and I know will remain so for a lifetime.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  Kathy is detailed, thorough, impeccable, honest and incredibly talented.

I feel extremely fortunate to have met Kathy, had the pleasure of working with her and sincerely recommend Kathy for your Interior Design needs.