Audrey and Bob McCarthy
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My husband and I used Alexander Interiors on two different projects. Our 2005/ 2006 lower level remodeling was very extensive. It was around 3000 square feet with a theatre, wine cellar, bathroom, bedroom and living room area. The rooms were all connected and we needed a plan on how to make the area flow. Kathy helped us define the space by preparing decorator blue prints and made it easy for us to look at construction and ultimately furniture layout. Kathy was the liaison between the builder, the sub contractors and us as the homeowner and followed the plans, organized, professional, and gave us lots of choices of ideas and fabric selections. It also helped to have that buffer between the contractor and us as homeowners, her eyes saw lots of things that we may not have noticed. The project turned out fabulous and we have had many hours of enjoyment in our lower level.

The second project we worked on was a beach house in Bethany that we purchased in March of 2007. Kathy helped me again define that space with her design blue prints and laid out all rooms for furniture. I took those plans down to Farmville, Virginia and purchased all the furniture I would need for the house and it was invaluable to have those plans with me when I was there. We would certainly work with Kathy again in the future and would highly recommend her.